Kamus Bahasa Inggris Lengkap

• abu adj ash
• acara n. agenda
• acta n. document[legal e.g. birth certificate].
• ada pron there[{used as the subject} (~ is a fly in my soup.)]. 2. v [(Langitnya biru.)] be[{showing a state; I am; you are; he is; she is; we are; you are; they are} (The sky is blue)]. 3. v is[to be]. 4. vi [(~ minuman yang dingin?)]available[(Do you have cold drinks ~?)].
• adat n. tradition
• adik n. youngster 2. pron sister[younger]. 3. pron brother[{younger}].
• aduh int oh
• Afrika n. Africa
• agama n. religion
• agung adj great[important (He was a ~ man.)].
• Agustus n. August
• air n. water[common liquid which makes rain, rivers, the sea, etc., and which you drink (Can I have a glass of ~, please.)].
• air buah (air) n. juice
• aja (saja) adj only[and no one/nothing else].
• ajar n. education
• akal n. mind[place where thoughts come from].
• akan v will[{used to form the future} (I ~ call you again tomorrow.)].
• akar n. root[part of a plant which grows underground (Trees have long ~s.)].
• akhir n. end
• aku pron I
• alam n. nature[plants and animals].
• alamat n. address[number of a house].
• alat n. tool
• alkohol n. alcohol
• alun-alun (alun) n. town square
• aman adj safe
• Amerika adj [(Ini dolar ~.)] American[(These are ~ dollars.)]. 2. n. America
• Amerika Serikat (Amerika) n. States[the United States].
• amplop n. envelope
• anak n. child
• anak laki-laki (anak) n. boy
• anak perempuan (anak) n. daughter 2. n. girl
• anak sapi (sapi) sapi calf
• Anda pron [(Saya suka rambut ~.)] your[belonging to you (I like ~ hair.)]. 2. pron [{not between family or close friends}] you[{referring to someone you are speaking to} (Would ~ like another cup of tea?)].
• aneh adj strange[odd/not usual (That was a ~ old man.)].
• anggur n. grape
• angin n. wind
• angka n. numeral
• angkasa n. sky
• angkat vt pick up
• angkut vt take away
• anjing n. dog
• antar vt accompany
• antara prep between
• anting-anting (anting) n. earring
• apa adj/pron [(~ ini?)] what[(~ is this?)].
• apa kabar (kabar) int hello
• apakah (apa) adj/pron [(~ ibu kota Kanada?)] what[(~ is the capital of Canada?)].
• apartemen n. apartment
• apel n. apple
• api n. fire[something which is burning (Don't play with ~.)].
• apitan n. clam
• April n. April
• Arab n. Arab
• arah n. way[road/path which goes somewhere (What is the best ~ to Jakarta?)].
• arti n. meaning
• asam adj sour
• asap n. smoke
• Asia n. Asia
• asin adj salty
• asing adj foreign
• asli adj authentic
• atap n. roof
• atas prep on 2. prep over[on/to the other side (The cat climbed ~ the bed.)].
• atasan (atas) n. top[cover (Put the ~ on the jar)].
• atau conj or 2. conj else[otherwise].
• Australi n. Australia
• awal n. [(dari ~ sampai akhir)] start[beginning (from ~ to finish.)].
• awan n. cloud
• awas int watch out[to be careful (~! There is a car coming.)].
• ayah n. father
• ayam n. chicken
• ayo vi come on![to hurry (~, the movie starts in 15 minutes.)].

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